Mr. N.Z. Khuzwayo

General Manager

Social and Economic Services Departmental Overview

The department has the following functions and responsibilities:

    1. Planning and Local Economic Development
      1. Planning
        • Coordination of planning activities within the district
        • Planning strategies
        • The planning section deals with town and regional development issues.
        • Spatial Development Framework, which discusses spatial development within the municipality.
        • Assisting with shared services on planning issues to local municipalities.
      2. Local Economic Development and Tourism
        • Coordination of LED and tourism within the district
        • Local Economic development strategies
        • District LED projects and capacity building to community projects
        • Agri-Park projects
        • Rural development
        • Tourism Strategies
        • Promotion of tourism with in the district
        • Managing tourism website
      3. GIS
        • Shared GIS services to local municipalities
        • Collating of all spatial related data to assist the district in delivery services
        • SDF and IDP Spatial Mapping
        • Production of electronic and hard copy map products
        • Spatial analysis of projects
    1. Disaster Management
    1. Disaster Management
      • Disaster management strategies
      • Community awareness
      • Conduct disaster risk profiling of the district
      • Responding to reported disaster and rendering relief
      • Coordination of disaster function within the district
    2. Call Centre
      • Dissemination and disaster information.
      • Routing of the public queries to the relevant departments.
      • Monitoring and follow-ups of all logged consumer queries.
      • Analyses logged queries to inform operations within the departments
Email: Telephone Number: 036 638 5100