Uthukela District Council, yet again approved the incentive to accommodate customers still hugely indebted

  • No customer shall benefit more than once since the introduction of this incentive drive (it started on 01.01.2019 till 30.06.2019)
  • Extended the incentive further till 31.12.2019
  • The Council approved the incentive to start immediately for a fixed period of 06 months
  •  Incentive only applies on arrear debt (from 30 days), in that way current is payable in full
  • This incentive applies to all categories of customers
  • The customers failing to raise a full settlement may be granted terms to pay towards 50%, this has to be applied for (in writing) through the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).
  • A single default on the above arrangement leads to forfeiture of all payments made towards 50% incentive.
  • The one-third incentive will be on hold as they can never run concurrently.
  • Any customer wishing to enter into any payment arrangements is welcome to approach our offices listed below (without 50% considerations)
      • Ladysmith, 36 Lyell Street
      • Estcourt, 127 Albert Street
      • Colenso, 56 Sir George Street
      • Bergville, 10 Broadway Street

Let us leave a debt burden behind us, it works for both parties!!