UThukela District Mayor’s Foreword

A warm Greetings to the inhabitants of UThukela District, once again we are happy to talk to you through one of our most effective channels in the form of website. We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that you find it being informative as well.

We pride ourselves in the continued engagements with community stakeholders across all sectors of our society. We believe that it is critical to make sure that our people get quality and consistent service delivery as such. We humbly accept constructive criticism and engagements where we are found to be still lacking. Such engagements take us closer to the people and we then rectify those anomalies.

In the search for enduring answers to all challenges, we also insist on dialogue and participation by our communities. At all times, reality will call upon us to make hard decisions that might entail short-term sacrifices in order to secure the success of our ultimate goal. As and when such moments arise, we are aware that there might be many citizens who will not endorse our choices. About that there is very little we can do.

UThukela District Municipality is one of the institutions that responds to the needs of the people hence our projects are tailor made to suit the needs of the community. As our mission statement states, we have an obligation to deliver services that restores integrity to our community. Judging by the total number of water and sanitation projects that have been constructed whilst others are in progress, we can proudly say that we are indeed fulfilling our mission.

Our commitment to local economic empowerment and local procurement is unwavering and more of these developments will be benefitting local people as consumers of services but even more importantly, as Our Area, Our People, Our Institution and Service Delivery. Since the beginning of the current term of office, my commitment to local empowerment has been unwavering.

In our relentless attempts to better the quality of lives of our people we remain committed to pushing the frontiers of poverty and underdevelopment backwards by:

  • Strengthening our intergovernmental relations processes
  • Promoting integrated planning among the organs of state
  • Continuing to develop a district wide performance management system by including all the municipalities
  • Continuing to deepen local democracy by involving the public

In conclusion, I wish to assure our people that as UThukela District Municipality, we commit
ourselves to continue delivering quality basic services, we will continue to replace ageing
infrastructure in order to provide quality potable water and decent hygienic sanitation.