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27 January 2022



Media Statement

27 January 2022


The second leg of the Legislature' school functionality monitoring programme saw a team led by Honourable Xulu who was accompanied by Uthukela District Deputy Mayor Cllr MH Shange visited two schools under Alfred Duma Local Municipality.

Members of the Legislature also had an opportunity to engaged members of the school governing body (SGB) and community get the view of the locals how best can teaching and learning in their specific communities be improved. The school visits are done together with the department of education as part of Legislature oversight exercise over executive arm of government. Once members have monitored schools throughout the province then they will come back and make necessary interventions.

Members started at Mbizeni High School and Principal Mabele gave his detailed report on school performance. The school achieved 62% pass rate in 2021 for Grade 12. Educators and Principal have encountered threats from the community of Ekuvukeni. Embizeni Education Centre is dilapidated and is unfortunately located on the same premises as Embizeni High, then community members insult them because of that. Principal applauded DoE for a fully fledged staff compliment except the departed HOD Maths/ Sciences Mr Shezi. Nutrition service provider is giving troubles in food provision sometimes.

High electricity charges, Eskom once demanded R25000 whilst they were to write exams. As of recent they received R8000 electricity bill. Request to be converted into prepaid to be effected. Desks are a challenge to the school but have ordered them using the applicable process.There is high poverty rate in the community hence the unruly behavior of the community members. There were high numbers of COVID-19 cases last year which was interrupting classes.

The Principal also mentioned that there many child-headed households that they provide with left-overs. "We request a security guard during the day but at night there is an SGB paid security. We also don't have a Clerk/Admin at School", said the Principal. SGB Deputy Chairperson Lindiwe Mthembu complained of the condition of the ablution facilities. School structure needs renovations.

Last stop was at Nkunzi High School where Mrs Blose is Acting Principal. The process of appointing the Principal is still underway. There were challenges of break-ins where computers and Jojo tanks were stolen. Parents volunteered to safeguard the school. Morning and afternoon classes are conducted as extra lessons to assist learners. Parents blamed female educators for infecting their children due to high number of COVID-19 cases. Circuit Manager convened parents meeting to iron out the issue. In 2019 service delivery strikes affected the schools programme.

In 2020 COVID-19 also affected schools days. Performance has decreased due to above reasons where curriculum was not finished. The Staff is very dedicated. Fence is old and rusty and the school has applied for a Clearview Fence. Unavailability of sports facilities limits the talent of learners. School Safety Committee is functional. There are two security guards ( 1 state paid and another SGB paid) for day & night respectively. Unavailability of school library and computer lab hinders the better academic achievement. The School has no Kitchen since the school is under a Nutrition Programme.


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