UThukela District Municipality


17 April 2019

The UThukela District Municipality Deputy Mayor Cllr NW Sibiya accompanied by Okhahlamba Local Municipality Cllr Vilakazi and Cllr Mfuphi and District officials on Tuesday delivered the Draft IDP & Budget Presentation 2019/20 to the first round of IDP to stakeholders in Bergville Sports Complex. This engagement was amongst the many initiatives made by government since the democratic dispensation.

The purpose of such consultations is to ensure that all interested and affected stakeholders make inputs to the 2019/20 Draft IDP and Draft Budget. The Deputy Mayor delivered the draft documents to the stakeholders which included Ward Committees, Sector Departments, Organized Businesses and Ratepayers.

Addressing the audience stakeholder, the Deputy Mayor mentioned that this was still the draft budget, meaning that community requests, suggestions etc. is of major importance and will be taken into consideration before the actual budget gets approved by Council.

She also made it known that our budget does not operate in silos but it is aligned with all spheres of Government in order to ensure that they speak in one voice. The community was encouraged to eliminate waste water in all ways possible since there is an outcry that most of the treated water goes to waste due to standpipe leaks that don't get reported by communities concerned in time.

The Deputy Mayor also conceded that uThukela faces challenges in terms of revenue collection, aging infrastructure, population density versus current infrastructure, the issue of Woodstock Dam feeding Gauteng residents, electricity tariffs,  etc. but make a commitment that uThukela is currently working closely with relevant Departments to resolve the issues that require resolutions.

Even during these tough economic times, uThukela District Municipality still strives to hire staff members through Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) and also ensures that in every financial year, interns from almost all wards get trained and receive incentives. Budget copies with attached monetary values are available on request from the office, concluded Cllr Sibiya.

In another community meeting, the Speaker Cllr PG Strydom also delivered the same Draft IDP & Budget. The Speaker was in Ward 09 of Okhahlamba Local Municipality at Zwelisha area. Amongst other issues mentioned in the budget was the allocation of R 3 million for the community which will refurbish filters for water pumps and also improve the water infrastructure which will enhance the delivery of water to the community.

However, what destroys water facilities is some commuters who have connected illegally to the water pumps. Further to that this affects water pressures and ultimately water supply to the community, said the Speaker. She then pleaded with the community to fight illegal water connections and to protect their own facilities. The UThukela District Municipality also has committed to as a short to medium term solution refurbish and erect boreholes in order to ensure access to water for the community.

In building transformed communities, the UThukela District Municipality continues to create platforms for public participation. The issues raised by the community have been captured for the purpose to make amendments to the drafts in order to ensure the will of the people is done. We are growing South Africa together through community engagements. In this way, together with the people we will work for a better life for all.