UThukela District Municipality


08 October 2020

The Speaker said the government to has prioritized education, which means all of us at a different level in governance have to do the same. We are doing this because we believe every child has a potential to succeed. We want all of you to succeed, said Ms Boyce.

She then reminded all learners that their background should not determine who they are or what they want to achieve in life. This event was part of the Legislature's social responsibility programme which has touched the lives of many people across the province.

By midday Uthukela District leadership led by the Honourable Mayor Cllr Mazibuko went to monitor the project at Mnweni package plant. This project will help to supply community in the area with water as they are facing challenges and they rely on borehole and water tankers.

The team met with Sydwalt Construction who briefed them with the progress made. As the old saying goes like seeing is believing, the team was satisfied with what they have seen on the ground.